Dreaming San Diego

Holiday is a holiday. Time has come to enjoy your life. there is no holiday without travelling. Do you like to travel around the world ?
Where do you always wanted to go ?
City touring, or hiking ? climb a mountain ? or extreme sport ?
Do you like to eat ? What is your favourite ?
Japanese food, Indian food, Peruvian or Chinesse food ?
Have you ever feel a great warm nightscape ? Sit outside, singing a song and dancing with your girl friend.

San Diego nobu at hard rock hotel. Inside the restaurant you will see good looking interior design. Warm and also comfortable atmosphere. Combined with great food. All menu was great. And the most important thing. TheNobu Restaurant, located inside The Hard Rock Hotel.

Great food, combining with nice nightlife scene. Dinner with your couple. With a romantic glasslamp light.What a wonderful dream. Great restaurant, great food, and there is always great chef. San Diego the Unique city in United State of America. The second largest city in California and eighth largest city in the United States of America. The large city with unique people. Enjoy the holiday, sleep at the great hotel. And get a wonderful moment. Dinner with your girlfriend. A totally wonderful holiday. Would you like to share your experience with me ?
Please tell me the wonderful place you’ve ever seen, and tell me your story.

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