Anime Lovers

Do you love anime ? Do you see every anime on the television ?
You always get a news about anime on the net ?
What happened to Ichiro Kurosagi ? What happen to Kuchiki Rukiya and every Bleach Character ? Do you fans of Soul Eater ? and totally cult the Blackstar of this anime ?
You should try this one. The Anime Chat City. The place where the everyone talk about the anime.
Same hobby same view.Anime Lovers people, There always a different story. And it’s nice to share our experience.From the funny story from the anime that makes us laughing out loud, to the sad story of the Anime Lovers people that can makes us cry.
Anime chat, is everything about anime, news, gossip and even the fastest news about anime you can find out there.The Anime chat rooms, the rooms for everyone to share the news about anime and find the friends. It’s more important. That is good when we have many friends. So many interaction and of course so many different experience. And it’s good to share it.

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