How to remove footer or credit text on wordpress themes

Sometimes when we take a free wordpress themes, there is always a footer text or credit text. Which is sometimes it’s annoying to us. We love your themes, and we respect to the themes maker. We use your themes and it’s a proud for us to use your themes.

When you made it for free, just keep it free. I agree with some footer text. And i’m personally keep that text on footer or somewhere else. But sometimes the wordpress themes maker making annoying text with long text and linked to another website they have. Of course for traffic and their SEO.

I try some wordpress plugins and try to edit the themes, but i’m not a web designer and there is always a technical difficulties. And then i found the way from the internet. And it works. Try to hack your css themes.

First step. Go to your themes directory via cpanel, ftp, or your wordpress admin page. I prefer cpanel, because i always make some of my files on wordpress themes directory set to CHMOD 644.

Then find the file, “style.css”. Open that file and edit

#credits { display: none; }
if you want the credit text is dissapear

#footers { display: none; }
if you want all the footer is dissapear

Of course it depends on your “style.css” script text. You can change that easily.
Just simple, but it works for me. No it’s not removing just hiding that credits or footer.