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Riot Company

Riot Company, punk rock from Hildesheim, Germany. The band founded by Dole and Sascha has been frequenting the stages since 2001. From the very beginning, Riot Company has always been a synonym for uncompromising, fast and yet melodious punk rock. Music from the scene for the scene. The band has been continuously evolving in the past years and has managed to mature into an outstanding live band.
The four band members never ceased to stick to their principles, always refusing to let others influence their music and songs about love and hate, girls and much more!
In the past five years, the band performed at around 100 events in Germany, England, France, Belgium and Austria. Most of the gigs were in smaller clubs but some of them also took place on major stages and festivals.

Couple days ago,I’ve done an interview with Riot Company. They will come to Indonesia. From 7 – 23th March 2008. The tour have a title “Welcome To The Jungle”. This interview done via email. And thanks to the band, specially Dole. It’s a fast reply you know..

1. Is this your first time to go to Indonesia ?

Yes, it’s our first time and we can’t wait for it.

2. Why the Riot Company choose some Indonesia’s city, (Indramayu, Cirebon, Surabaya, Blitar, until Jakarta ?. Because I think there is always a bad bad story about Indonesia out there.

That’s not right. Sure, we know the newspaper-headlines and this stories, but nobody here thinks bad about Indonesia. Some friends of us, who helped us with the tour, have a realy good connection to Indonesia. They are talking always very good about the country, the scene etc,…

3. Don’t you guys afraid of that bad story about our country Indonesia ? (terror, bombing etc)

Bad stories you have everywhere. It doesn’t matter in which country you are. Bombing and terror alarm exists in germany too. We’re are not afraid. We have respect but no fear.

4. What’s your opinion with US travel warning to Indonesia ? Your government did that or not ??

No, our goverment did no travel warning. They say, that there are some danger regions but we don’t go there. I think the americans have a very big terrorism paranoia.

5. Before you come to Indonesia, which is your favourite country ?

We always have realy good shows in the Czech Republic. The people there like us very much. But we also played very good shows all over Europe.

6. Back to basic question, why you choose the name Riot Company ? any history ? and how do you meet each other ?

In the beginning we had another name but we were not happy with it. Than we wrote the song “here comes the riot company” and we thought it could be a good name. We found together under Riot Company in 2001. Dole (vocals, guitar) and Sascha (drums) know each other since they are kids. Hannes (bass) and Silvio (guitar) joined the band in the following years. We are just for friends with the same love: Punkrock!

7. Like another bands around the world. Who’s and what’s the most influenced to you and your music ?

Our sound is influenced by the 80ties UK Punkrock and Oi!-bands like “Cock Sparrer“, “Cockney Rejects“, “Blitz“. But theres also a small Rock n Roll touch in it because I love bands like “Social Distortion“.
But all in all we play OUR kind of music.

8. I have listen to your music, of course from free sample from your official site, and myspace. I think it’s energic , melodic and powerfull songs. How you describe your musics ?

Yeah right. Hard, traditional punkrock with nice melodies.

9. So, what makes you guys different from any of the other punk/hardcore bands out there

Some people say, we are the cutest band on earth 😉
Well, I think we are a very powerfull live band. I hate to practice, I hate the recording studio. But I love to play live! To give the people a good time. That’s the best thing in life.

10. Are politics and revolution, and that sort of thing such a motivating factor in your music ?

Well, the times for revolutions in Europe are long ago. Politics are not important in Riot Company. Everyone of us is political for himself. But it’s no big part in our songs.

11. Tell me through your song writing process

Hehe, most songs I wrote in my bed 🙂 I’m sitting there with my guitar and try some melodies. Than I know how the words have to sound. When we come together in our practice room I show my ideas and we decide whats good enough.

12. Your songs, your lyrics, musics you developed. Is there any messages in it ? the messages you send to your audience and listener. would you like to be listened or “just heard” ? What do you guys wants with your musics ?

I think the most important thing in music is the melody! We sing about life, about things everyone knows, like heartbrakes, problems with the police, and all the stuff. It’s great to hear fans saying to me, that they could find their own feelings in my lyrics. And thats exactly what I want.

13. How has Riot Company evolved as a band since you started?

We constantly getting bigger from year to year. In the first years we were just a small punkrockband but meanwhile we are standing on bigger stages as well.
We met so many people. Idols became friends.

14. Your last album was in 2006, do you have a plan to release a new material this year ?

We will release a triple Split very soon. Clockwork Rebells (Czech Republic), Combat 77 (Germany) and Riot Company. Each band with four songs.

15. Why it takes a long time to this band to create an album ?

I just wrote, I hate to practice. Mostly I got the ideas somewhere else. Under the shower, in the car, …but not when I want to write a song. But I think that it’s enough to release an album all two years.

16. What are the plans of this band for next studio album ?

We have just started to make some plans but nothing concrete.

17. From all of your albums, which one is the best for you ?

I think “Riot Anthems” is the best one. Songs like “Riot City”, A song for us” or “Justice & Liberty” are the best ones we’ve ever made.

18. To the indie bands (punk, hardcore, and all other kind of musics) in this city, what’s your message to them ?

Yeah, hope to see a lot of you on the show, so that we could have a great time together. Feel free to have some beer with us. Keep punkrock allive!!

Riot Company

Riot Company Discography

Punkrock Radio
EP (Wasted Youth/Halb 7 Records, 2002)

Riot Company/Scum
Split EP (DSS Records, 2003)

Director´s Cut
CD (DSS Records, 2004)
LP (Psycho T Records, 2007)

Riot Anthems
CD (KB-Records, 2006)
LP (Psycho T Records, 2006)

Credit and Thanx to the brother The Tukul