Exclusive Interview With Walls Of Jericho

Walls Of JerichoWalls Of JerichoWalls Of JerichoWalls Of Jericho

Before The Mighty Walls Of Jericho show in Indonesia begins, we try to make an exclusive interview with them. And finally we’ve done.

After the last album “with devils amongst us all” it’s nice to hear you guys back with new EP. How do you feel it ?
We all are very proud of The Redemption EP and are finishing up our new Full length right npw for a summer release which is coming together nicely.

Why it takes so long, to release the new material ?
It’s been a little over a year… we’ve been touring our asses off since May of 2006 and came home December of 2007 supporting with devils. Traditionally bands put out records every 2 years so would say we’re putting out new material in a good time frame.

How’s the tour, is there something makes you amazed for the last 2 year ?
Tour is tour… we’ve done every kind of tour from the big Ozzfest/ Family Values tours to small club tours for the last 2 years and it’s all been great and Amazing.

What is the most you like from the hardcore scene, the crowds, the stage and moshpit ?
I think we love all of the above. Hardcore shows are way more intimate than the bigger meal tour with Barriers and all that crap. we like to be a part of the show and not just be the show.

Back to your EP. I’ve listened to your albums, and now i’m listening to your EP. Redemption. Feels like a “bungy jumping”, From high speed musics to the slow tempo songs. How you describe your EP. Is this somekind of contemplation or “Warming up” before your next album ?
We just wanted to do an acoustic EP with a cool, dark, mellow feel to it. If you listen to ALL our past records we’ve done a song or 2 like the ones on the EP. So we decided to just go for it and do a record with all acoustic stuff.

Does it difficult to change the vocal style. From brute strength angerous vocal, to mellow and Melodic vocal with accoustic instruments ?
No it was cool and it came real easy to write these songs.

It was a big surprise when i’ve heard “House of Rising Sun” played by Walls Of Jericho. I love this song. Tell me how and why this song was included in this EP.
We all Love that song and thought it would be a cool addition to the EP.

What do you think having corey taylor of slipknot/stonesour as your producer ?
Corey’s a good friend and a great person. We had so much fun doing Redemption with him and he really helped Candace sing her ass off on it.I think he was the perfect producer to work with on this project and we re all very happy and greatful for him taking time out of his crazy life to work with us.

Newest album of Walls Of Jericho will be released this summer. Would you like to give a clue about this album ?
It’s gonna be Brutal so hold on to your seats boys and girls.

From the first album, Walls Of Jericho lyrics is far from political issue, Why ?
We decided to talk more about personal issues.

This band, Walls Of Jericho, become an inspiration an influence for many band all over the world, specially with female fronted vocal. What do you think about this ? Does it means something ?
It’s always great to Influence anybody anywhere. It means more to us to hear someone tell us that than anything.

Indonesia, will be your next target, i mean indonesia is on your tour list. How do you know about Indonesia ?
We don’t know much about indonesia but we are eager to come over and see it. I hear it’s a beautiful place.

Message to your Indonesian fans please …
We’ll see everyone in June and we are really looking forward to coming over.
See you in JUNE!!!

Walls Of Jericho

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