Toshiba Satellite T135-S1330 TruBrite 13.3-Inch Ultrathin Laptop (Black)

Toshiba Satellite T135-S1330 TruBrite 13.3-Inch Ultrathin Laptop (Black)

Toshiba Satellite T135: Ultra-Thin Portability with Long Battery Life and 13.3-Inch Screen Built for your everyday life on the go, the affordable Toshiba T135 laptop (model T135-S1330) with 13.3-inch screen is Toshiba’s thinnest and lightest Satellite model yet, offering the performance, flexibility and functionality you expect in a standard-sized laptop but in a highly portable and efficient package. Featuring a power-efficient Intel ultra-low voltage processor and (more…)

RED/15.4″ Neopren Sleeve Nb Pc


Price: $12.99   

Product Description

Stand out from the crowd with Tucano products! Tucano is an Italian manufacturer of computer accessories that make your everyday life brighter, make you feel happier!BF-L series is a neoprene notebook protective folder case.

Product Features

  • Fits most Widescreen 15.4″ PC like a “Second Skin”.
  • Hi-density neoprene provides optimal protection against scratches & nicks.
  • Easy to clean & water resistant.
  • Provides complete protection when used as a stand alone case or inside another case.
  • Exclusive “Anti-slip” system further protects laptop from zipper scrapes and slippage.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Perangkat mungil. Dengan warna coklat vintage.Terkesan seperti produk oldies. Mini vacuum cleaner, yang bekerja dengan tenaga listrik dari perangkat USB, laptop atau cpu Mini Vacuum Cleanerkomputer kita. Kalau hanya untuk membersihkan debu-debu dan abu rokok di meja kerja kita sepertinya perangkat ini cocok untuk digunakan. Tapi jangan pernah menggunakan perangkat ini untuk membersihkan rumah. Yang jelas pasti capek dan tidak bakalan bersih.