Interview with Defiant

DEFIANT was originally formed 2005 in Pozega, Croatia, by Beretz(guitars,vox) & Kris(guitars). With much musical experience from the past they began writing material with lots of melodies, harmonies and dark lyrics. The main idea from the beginning was to play melodic death metal with Swedish influences. When Bole(bass) and File(drums)joined the band, line-up was finished. Defiant have developed their own and more commercial form of Death metal with groovy rhythms, melodic riffs, well played guitar solos and an aggressive vocal in focus. After lot of concerts and festivals, played with high-energy performance, the band made their debut album”The End of Beginning”in the autumn 2006

1. Would you like to tell us about croatian death metal / underground music scene ?
There is a scene with too many bands,but only 5-6 bands are make the scene,because there is no interest in metal like in other european countries…
2. 2006 to 2010, why it takes a long time to build a new album ?
Well,we have a Promo in 2008,so it’s not a very long time to keep busy our fans to wait our second album in 2010.And there was some changes in the band,because we need very good drummer on this new album so we cancel many gigs this year
so we can go in Studio to record some new songs  in a way that should be….metal.

3. Working on a new recording, could you tell us just little bit about new material ?
There will be some real old school melodies with some new sound of death metal.
4.Defiant call their self, “Croatian metal with swedish style”, tell us your favourite

Of course,But some old stuff like,At The Gates,In Flames,Dismember,Dark Tranquillity….
5. For selling point, and popularity or some other reason, some of musician or band covering the other band song. What do you think about that ?
Well,they cover for some own reason,if they think that ‘s OK i don’t have to say anything:D
6. If you could tour with one band, past or present, who would it be and why?
I think that could be Metallica or Slayer,because they are the names for themselves today…
7. City to city or world tour. Which one from your live performance you experienced that means much to the band.
World tour is the best,but it’s great to travel city to city of course…:D
8. Any pre-show rituals?
Drink some beers…a lot of beers…and smoke some weed…
9. What’s your opinion abut the music charts now, with the amount of manufactured boy/girl bands that seem to dominate it?
i don’t track this shit …
10. From the beginning until now, what made Defiant still focus on this genre. How does the music make you feel when you’re producing, performing, or listening to it?
It was hard work but we still could produce a nice death metal sound with a nice melodies…we give a high hope to this feelings:D
11.Your message to the metal fans ?
Keep it metal,it’s all you’ve got at the end….

Interview with Bartosz Ogrodowicz

Bartosz Ogrodowicz, the young talented keyboardist from Poland. From ballads to progressive music style. Just a little bit information but it was a great news when we know there’s a great talent from another part of this world. And this is interview.

1.Tell us about your biography

I was born 1989 in Wrzesnia, Poland. I have played the keyboard since I was 8 years old. Since then my music education started. After graduating from primary music school, I started composing my first songs (it was in 2001). My first debut was in 2002 at a local piano competition, which I won. With time, my music evolved to a more complicated and more interesting extent. From 2002 to 2008 I played many concerts in Poznan and in my home town. In 2008 I joined speed metal band called Resist. Among many concerts we played, I mostly enjoyed the concerts in Warsaw, Gniezno and in Ostrów Wielkopolski (in Ostrów Wielkopolski played also Scorpions). Nowadays I continue my solo career. I focus on compositions and conveying messages.

2.Why, the keyboard as a “chosen gun” for you ?

Music was always present in my life because my father was also a musician. I had a choice between many musical instruments, but I chose keyboard because it suits my character and is the best tool to express what I feel.

3.What do you feel, when you played your keyboard ?

So to speak, I move to another world. To a world where the emotions present in my compositions reign. Keyboard is the musical instrument which fulfils me.

4.What is your musical style ?

I try not to close myself in a particular music style. My music joins many styles like:
progressive rock, gothic and rock ballads.

4.The musician or the band, which influenced you much ?

I am mostly inspired by the music of Dream Theater. And as far as the musicians are concerned I admire Jordan Rudess.

5.Do you have a band or just a freelance keyboard player ?

Presently I continue my solo career.

6.Is there any sample of your creation ? i mean your discography or your project ?

At this website you can find my official demo.

And at this website you can find my all of my songs and videos.

7.Do you have any plan with your musical talents right now ? (i mean your next project ?)

I would like to continue my solo career. I also would like to create as good music as I can and play for my fans in different parts of the world.

8.Which one you choose, becoming independent band/musician or be part of music industries (i mean be a part of the great record company artist) ?

At the beginning of my career I think I would have to cooperate with a record company. However, I realize that it is very difficult to retain my character and style in show business environment. In Poland cooperation with such companies is the only way to let people know about you and about your music. Preserving my own style is very important to me, however, later on, when my music will be known I will have more freedom in expressing myself.

9. Can you tell us about your country music scene. From various genre and condition in your country.

The music scene in my country is limited mainly to pop music, techno, trance and pop rock.
Generally, Polish music scene is commercial and artificial. The true music and the true artists remain in the shadow, because they don’t sell well.

10 Please give Message to our indonesian / my city local musician.

Against all odds, remain yourselves. Let the music speak in your behalf.