Connected by Technology

Technology and computer now rules this worlds. computer and internet just like our food for daily life. If we don’t follow this trend we’ll be lost in the forest of technology. Computer as a part of technology give’s us comfort life. everything we can do to as easy as we need. From home to corporation. From personal to corporate and business use. Technology, specially computer spesification is growing day by day. The newest technology come out everyday. From processor to motherboard, Random Access Memory and harddrive. You can see the harddrive with giga size from any type and any brand. You can store your data or file inside them without worry about the price you got to pay. From day to day, the price of technology is more cheap than couple years ago.  For example now you can get a liquid crystal display monitor for only 90 dollars at the amazon.
Gigasize harddrive now only 40 to 90 dollars at the amazon. Of course with various size. You love music ? if the answer is yes, the audio system is what you need. Now with computer accessories you will get a good audio system. It’s support the surround system too. Don’t worry to get the best. To print your family or business picture not with high price. Just from home and print it by yourself with cheap ink and cheap hardware.For the office works, you’ll need a desktop system. And the with cheap price you’ll get the best. One years or two years ago, the desktop system is just a dream for some people. Because the high cost and high price. Any peripheral and computer accessories now comes with great and simple design. You can choose by yourself what’s the best for you.
Notebook and netbook becomes the great trend in this year. The need to connect to the internet is a reason why the people buy the laptop. Share the collection, via bluetooth or infrared now can be done by the laptop.Now we are connected by technology.