Chiptown Rangers – Kompilasi 8 bit

Sesuai dengan catatan pada release album kompilasi ini,

“Kompilasi ini di buat untuk memperkenalkan kepada orang luas tentang games music (8bit music/chip tune music). Di buat dengan penuh suka dan gembira untuk memuaskan hati bagi pribadi maupun orang lain,dengan memperkenalkan juga beberapa artist 8bit music lokal yang mulai bermunculan dan di lihat dari masih sedikitnya orang yang tertarik memainkan musik ini dan audience yang belum cukup banyak tau akan hal ini maka album kompilasi ini di buat. Album kompilasi ini di buat secara power full dan karakter dari setiap band mempengaruhi isi musik itu sendiri agar terlihat lebih catchy dan funny”

8bit, untuk lebih sederhananya, contoh yang gampang adalah musik musik yang terdapat pada gameboy atau nintendo. Mario Bros, Donkey Kong atau Contra adalah game game dengan sound sound 8 bit yang “antik”

Perkembangan musik chiptune di Indonesia cukup menarik. Pemusik dan event event musik 8bit banyak diselenggarakan. Dan ternyata Indonesia memang memiliki chiptuner yang handal. Album kompilasi ini adalah sebuah bukti bahwa dunia chiptune Indonesia sangat bergairah.

Kompilasi musik chiptune ini disebarluaskan secara gratis. Melalui situs Deathrockstar, kompilasi ini bisa di download secara gratis. Indonesian Chiptunes Rules !

Tracklist :

01. Arcade playmate – need no worries
02. Butcher Bachelor – Darah
03. Cacat Nada – mBsB
04. Curah Melodia Mandiri – Am i Evil
05. Delayed Desire – Alat Vital Terbelah Jadi Dua
06. GODARD – three mix 2
07. Hellostereo! – Hokkaido Noon!
08. jw86 – Kanshen Express
09. Local drug store – DomoArigato!!!
10. Motoric Mathematics – Runaway Rudy
11. PicknEy – Jumpin’ Pills
12. Tele8bit – Are we having fun yet
13. turbo blip- JOY
14. Boys VS bacteria – Beyond Raspberry Mountain

Outkast feat. Killer Mike – The Whole World

This is a great video, look at the fashion. The costume and the music is wonderful combination. Outkast and Killer Mike rules !


The Whole World

[breathing hard]
Okay, here we go

[Andre 3000 – singing]
Yeah I’m afraid, like I’m scared as a dog
But I’ve got a new song, and I want y’all to sang alooooooong
Sang aloooooooooong..
See this is the way that we walk on a sunny, day
when it’s rainin inside and you’re, all alooooooooone
All aloooooooooone – yeah!

[Chorus: OutKast – singing]
Cause the whole, world, loves it when you don’t get down
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)
And the whole, world, loves it when you make that sound
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)
And the whole, world, loves it when you’re in the news
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)
And the whole, world, loves it when you sang the blues
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)

[Andre 3000]
Take a little trip, hater pack up yo’ mind
Look forward not behind, then you’ll see what you find
I caught a sucker dyin cause he thought could rhyme
Now if his momma is a quarter daughter must be a dime
I gotta meet her, don’t take no shorts I don’t use abbrevi-
-ation, I don’t even play the radio neither
Only if I need to know the sports or the weather
I’m a cool type of brother but yep, your head I’ll sever
from the neck – see ain’t nuttin changed, hit the stage
Set a date sucker, in battle we can engage
I’ll slice you, wife you, marry you, divorce you
Throw the Porsche at you, is what I’m forced to do
With my back against the wall, crack his back y’all
Naw, it ain’t went nowhere like havin hair with stylin gel in it
Throw a curl in it
Dread that nappy shit up, throw a shell in it
Whatever floats your boat, or finds your lost remote
And this for dem niggaz workin at the airpo’t
who got laid off, I take my shades off
If you look straight in my eyes, you still might see a disguise
Because the whole, whole, world, world

[Chorus (overlaps Andre’s last line)]

[Killer Mike]
Player I grind, my focus is crime
Raw with the rhyme, I’m slick with the slime
My words are diamonds dug out a mine
Spit ’em, polish, look how they shine
Glitter, glisten, gloss, floss
I catch a beat runnin like Randy Moss
Ride dat bitch off like a brand new horse
I’m rollin my stone, gatherin no moss
Mami I’m comin I hope you get off
Or rock your own boat like Aaliyah then talk
Back, back, forth, forth
Get that sailor on course, course
Make that track a corpse, corpse
Rap, roll, utterly rocked
with my mouth to the mic and my hand on my cock
Cadillac OutKast just won’t stop


[Big Boi]
Turn on the TV and everything is lookin dismal
Went in the bathroom medicine cabinet Pepto-Bismal
Need it for my stomach cause my tummy kinda aches
like a junkie on withdrawal, fresh up off the plate
Wait, back to the enemy of the state
is the Republicans or Democratic candidate
Debate, now even the black box hold the fate
Clueless like Shaggy and Scooby befo’ commercial break
Hate, extreme prejudice, let’s dismiss this
If you want to you can dub it to your hit list
I know you gon’ to, we in this to replenish yo’ musical wish list
When it come to this music we stay relentless
Pursuing all that’s pursuable
Doing God’s willing all things that are doable
The only liable limitation is yourself
Dre set it on the right and I’ll set it on the left, cause