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Blessed Black - Obsidian

Doomy riffs, lashings of distortion and 70's-esque organ are the offering from BLESSED BLACK. Along with the heavy, Seasons: Vol. 1 delivers deeply personal and emotional narratives across the tracks. The vocalist/guitarist Joshua Murphy's chat with his father, who was battling cancer, served as the inspiration for the album's opening track, "Hellbender." "It concentrates on how fleeting life can be, and how simple it is to lose sight of what's actually important in life," the author said. The second song, "Obsidian," examines how to rediscover yourself after tragedy, loss, and suffering. "Unable," the EP's final track, is a song about how difficult it is to see friends and loved ones fall prey to addiction. BLESSED BLACK history Murphy and the band's original bassist Jens Nielsen, along with drummer Ray Bates and guitarist Chris Emerson, formed the group in 2018. After Nielsen left, Brad Bellamy, the current bassist, joined in the latter part of 2019. Chris Emerson left the band in 2022, and after a short time playing as a trio, the group decided to enlist a close friend, Jake Stone, as a new permanent guitarist. Bands like BLACK SABBATH, DANZIG, TROUBLE, ROKY ERICKSON, and GRAVEYARD, to mention a few, have a big musical effect on BLESSED BLACK. In 2020, the group published their debut EP Beyond The Crimson Throne, and in 2021, "La Brea" was added. The upcoming release ushers in a new era for BLESSED BLACK as the band changes its sound and forms a new lineup.