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Mother Of Graves release In Somber Dreams

Death/Doom newcomers MOTHER OF GRAVES published their first EP, In Somber Dreams, at the start of 2021. The quartet's four-track CD was dubbed "the stuff of melodic (the dark and evil sort) mythology" by Decibel Magazine, which also compared them to KATATONIA, MY DYING BRID…

Fuego Uterino - V​í​ctimas del Sadismo

Víctimas del Sadismo - Adv. Single (Death Metal/Grindcore) - 2022 by Fuego Uterino (Panama) First new single after over 17 years from one of Panama's pioneering underground Deathgrind bands FUEGO UTERINO. A harsh social critic and a deep look into our own dark and raw reallity. H…

SAINT DEAMON Premieres First Song 'At Break Of Dawn' From Upcoming, New Album "League Of The Serpent"

Swedish-Norwegian melodic power metal band SAINT DEAMON have announced their return with a new studio album titled League Of The Serpent, nearly three and a half years after their quasi-'comeback' album Ghost.  Known for their high-quality sound and an individual touch (which is o…

dEMOTIONAL has unleashed Bärsärk

Swedish modern melodic metal outfit dEMOTIONAL has unleashed a brand new music video for 'Bärsärk', taken from the band's latest masterpiece Scandinavian Aftermath. Already firmly established on the Swedish metal scene, the Gothenburg quintet have made a splash with the rele…

INSOMNIUM– White Christ (feat. Sakis Tolis) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Nebularis - Cataclysm

Nebularis, a three-piece Technical Metal project from the Irish capital, captures the essence of Si-Fi, cinematic film scores, with powerful progressive compositions that go above and beyond expectations. The group's full-length album is now being finished up by engineer/producer/mus…

Wizards Of Hazards - Supernatural

WIZARDS OF HAZARDS is a heavy metal band from central Finland. Sharing the same interest in vintage instruments and heavy music composition, they produce their own music via an all-analog signal chain. Their musical influences stem primarily from his 70's and 80's heavy metal-fo…

Witchrot release their new single "Colder Hands"

WITCHROT is gearing up for their latest offering Witchrot: Live in the Hammer the single from the album, "Colder Hands." The video can be streamed now. All sleaze and psych, Live In The Hammer has the fuzz fueled quartet playing in the grease trap of Ontario. Smoky vocals overt…

Depths of Black - Necrosis

This album is originally released in 2018 but the music is still relevant till today, combine beatdown and slam style. Must listen to it DEPTHS OF BLACK - NECROSIS (2018) Beatdown Deathcore Slam by RUMF Productions

Watch this Ov Sulfur, Stained in Rot Video

The Agonist shows the disturbing reality through the Immaculate Deception

Days Before The World Wept, well praised by fans and the media, explores a dark, complex tale of greed, gluttony, bewilderment, pain, and hope wrapped in a new level of violence and cogent technical prowess. The album reigns as one of the most remarkable pieces in the group's discog…

Polyphia - Ego Death feat. Steve Vai (Official Music Video)

Duo Witchsnake released their heavy album

Drum and bass is a best combination to bring the heaviness. Witchsnake prove this theory with their album with the same title like group name, Witchsnake. 6 heavy track in this album is a must to listen. Witchsnake by Witchsnake