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Watch this out ! Cattle Decapitation- Scourge of the Offspring Official Video

This is a second single for their upcoming album, Terrasite. Nice concept of video, and of course nice song. Tight guitar riff and beat. Must listen to it.

Anima Hereticae, a Finnish Blackened Death Metal, Releases a New Song Video From Their Upcoming Debut Album

Since the 2021 debut EP “Ov Behest” Finnish blackened death metal band Anima Hereticae has been working on their first full length album to be released in autumn 2023. The band’s unique sound is a combination of Scandinavian melodic metal, death metal with black metal elements. Both in l…

Watch this enigmatic vocalist Mordian bring back Bathory's Ring Of Gold

MORDIAN is an enigmatic Vocalist/Composer from Chicago, IL Released the song from BATHORY, "Ring of Gold" Her melancholy voice gives the romantic story, which is full of vivid imagery and brooding emotions, fresh vitality. The song, Ring of Gold is taken from from the 2002 BATH…

Mother Of Graves release In Somber Dreams

Death/Doom newcomers MOTHER OF GRAVES published their first EP, In Somber Dreams, at the start of 2021. The quartet's four-track CD was dubbed "the stuff of melodic (the dark and evil sort) mythology" by Decibel Magazine, which also compared them to KATATONIA, MY DYING BRID…