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Anima Hereticae, a Finnish Blackened Death Metal, Releases a New Song Video From Their Upcoming Debut Album

Since the 2021 debut EP “Ov Behest” Finnish blackened death metal band Anima Hereticae has been working on their first full length album to be released in autumn 2023. The band’s unique sound is a combination of Scandinavian melodic metal, death metal with black metal elements. Both in live performances and on videos, the music and visuals work together harmoniously. A preview of the beauty and epicness of the upcoming debut album is provided by the recently released music video Cimmerian Darkness. The music video is directed by the Anima Hereticae drummer Teppo Ristola and as an actor there is Jussi Matilainen from Where’s My Bible. Anima Hereticae: Ville Rutanen – vocals & bass Taneli Jämsä – guitar & backing vocals Teppo Ristola – drums