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Mother Of Graves release In Somber Dreams

Death/Doom newcomers MOTHER OF GRAVES published their first EP, In Somber Dreams, at the start of 2021. The quartet's four-track CD was dubbed "the stuff of melodic (the dark and evil sort) mythology" by Decibel Magazine, which also compared them to KATATONIA, MY DYING BRIDE, and OCTOBER TIDE. Fans of the Peaceville Three and classic death metal have been enthralled by MOTHER OF GRAVES. Their Where the Shadows Adorn CD was selected by Decibel Magazine as one of the best 40 albums of 2022. In Somber Dreams will be released on vinyl for the first time by Wise Blood Records in recognition of that accomplishment and the two-year anniversary of the EP.
The band produced the vinyl under the wings of the vinyl master by Swedeath pioneer and engineer Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH) on heavy 180g 12" vinyl. With a fresh new layout from artist David Jaggar, the album will look great as well. The pressing is a limited edition of 300, with only 150 copies of Classic Black and 150 Gravemoss Green copies available.

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