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Watch this enigmatic vocalist Mordian bring back Bathory's Ring Of Gold

MORDIAN is an enigmatic Vocalist/Composer from Chicago, IL Released the song from BATHORY, "Ring of Gold" Her melancholy voice gives the romantic story, which is full of vivid imagery and brooding emotions, fresh vitality. The song, Ring of Gold is taken from from the 2002 BATHORY album Nordland I , written by Thomas Forsberg AKA Quorthon. She also known for her work with DIAMORTE and SHIELD OF WINGS This tribut to Bathory's song is mixed and mastered by Matt Motto (DISSONA and C3D3).
"Though there are many songs that have lent a hand in shaping the person I am today, musically and spiritually, one of the first to come to mind would be 'Ring of Gold.'" MORDIAN offers, "This is my tribute to the legend that is BATHORY. Hail Quorthon!"
Many comments for this release, some of them you can read below
"Absolutely beautiful. Heartwrenching, actually. Much like her 2020 track 'Sally's Lament,' 'Ring of Gold' paints a new picture of the source material. Adds an element previously unimagined, which is saying a lot." - The Metal Wanderlust
"MORDIAN’s vocal range emerges most impressively during chorus harmonies that are rich and emotive. It’s a tasteful tribute to Quorthon’s memory that will bring you peace and power." - Decibel Magazine