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CABAL preparing to release their new album Magno Interitus

One of the most vicious and promising heavy bands is called CABAL, and it is from Copenhagen, Denmark. Through their music and visual art, the band aspires to produce a visceral and doom-filled environment. The songwriting is influenced by everything from black and death metal to djent and hardcore, and the production is pristine.

The young band has established a name for themselves in Denmark and the rest of the world since the release of their debut album "Mark of Rot" in 2018 by performing at prestigious festivals like Copenhell, Roskilde Festival, Euroblast Festival, and Complexity Fest and touring in Europe, Japan, and North America.

"Drag Me Down," CABAL's sophomore album, was published in April 2020. It is a somber journey into a personal struggle

Magno Interitus” is the title of their new album that will be released on October 21st via Nuclear Blast