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The Agonist shows the disturbing reality through the Immaculate Deception


Days Before The World Wept, well praised by fans and the media, explores a dark, complex tale of greed, gluttony, bewilderment, pain, and hope wrapped in a new level of violence and cogent technical prowess. The album reigns as one of the most remarkable pieces in the group's discography, soaring through a kaleidoscope of blazing metal expertise and uplifting lyrical dramatism.

The Agonist release the newest video, Immaculate Deception taken from the album Days Before The World Wept.

Vocalist Vicky Psarakis says:
"Immaculate Deception is a song about societal pressure and feelings of remorse over time".

This Canadian modern metal outfit THE AGONIST is always trying to make their music more extreme, more melodic, more exciting and simply larger than life. To make this happen, they combine the best moments of melodic death metal with metalcore and almost rocking elements.