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The Agonist shows the disturbing reality through the Immaculate Deception

Days Before The World Wept, well praised by fans and the media, explores a dark, complex tale of greed, gluttony, bewilderment, pain, and hope wrapped in a new level of violence and cogent technical prowess. The album reigns as one of the most remarkable pieces in the group's discog…

Polyphia - Ego Death feat. Steve Vai (Official Music Video)

Duo Witchsnake released their heavy album

Drum and bass is a best combination to bring the heaviness. Witchsnake prove this theory with their album with the same title like group name, Witchsnake. 6 heavy track in this album is a must to listen. Witchsnake by Witchsnake

Dark Buddha Rising - Abyssolute Transfinite

Listen to this old album of Dark Buddha Rising. Released in 2018, this is album is part of their history before their epic album Mathreyata Abyssolute Transfinite by Dark Buddha Rising

Watch the Official Music Videos of IN FLAMES - Foregone Pt. 1

Get ready for In Flames newest album Foregone

In Flames fans, get ready for the new album of this band. Inflames announce that they will release their new album called Foregone in February 10, 2023 The preorder is already start you can check on their official website for the official statement. Inflames Official Website

BEHEMOTH - OPVS CONTRA CVLTVRAM (Live Atop The Palace of Culture)

Behemoth wraths ! Opvs Contra Natvram

Behemoth strikes back !  Opvs Contra Natvram will be released in 16th September 2022. This album contains 10 track inside Ghostmagcult on their reviews said Arguably their most mature album to date,  Opvs Contra Natvram   is exciting, vibrant and, of course, downright fucking evil. Alwa…

Behemoth - The Deathless Sun


Fallujah - Mindless Omnipotent Master feat. Chaney Crabb

WALTTERI VÄYRYNEN is no longer with Paradise Lost

Sad news comes from Paradise Lost. WALTTERI VÄYRYNEN is no longer with the band.  The statement taken from WALTTERI VÄYRYNEN himself, "Dear fans and friends, I'm sad to announce that I'm leaving my position as the drummer of Paradise Lost. It's been an incredible journe…

Paradise Lost - Darker Thoughts