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Nebularis - Cataclysm

 Nebularis, a three-piece Technical Metal project from the Irish capital, captures the essence of Si-Fi, cinematic film scores, with powerful progressive compositions that go above and beyond expectations. The group's full-length album is now being finished up by engineer/producer/musician Ben Wanders [The Enigma Division]. The band's first single, "Cataclysm," is a prelude to that record.

Speaking of the new track, the band states, ”Battered and broken, the remnants of humanity flee a dying Earth. As they sail through the stellar void in search of a new home, will they survive the ordeal, or fall prey to their darker instincts?”

The project was originally intended to be a solo effort by guitarist Mo Sheerin. Her search for a drummer brought her into contact with Damian Dziennik. Damian, who is well-known and has played drums for numerous bands in Ireland, stands out with a breathtaking percussive threshold that can be compared to that of Portnoy, Danny Carey, and Danny Judd.

Terry McHugh, the man himself, was then hired by Mo to play bass for the album. Terry, who is frequently referred to as the Jaco Pastorius of Northern Ireland, contributes a diverse, forward-thinking, and downright absurd level of talent and melodic foundation to Nebularis as a whole.

Damian and Mo focused their attention on finding a vocalist that suited the description as the sounds grew louder. Enter - Hytham Martin

Hytham, a former founding member of Eyesclosed and a former member of Lluther, turned heads in the studio with his incredible range and balance of clean to "Heavy Devy-like" vocals. They had been searching for a singer with a strong stage presence and the ability to compose melodies that sound beautiful together.

Hence, the Nebularis team was established.

They began collaborating on an album over the course of the following few months. slowly but surely realizing that a full band was the best option. song after song to completion. The Astral and progressive stew has been simmering nonstop with the inclusion of synths, choirs, and orchestral components.

Nebularis aims to introduce a new element to eyes and ears with the publication of three singles and a full-length album this year (mixed and mastered by Ben Wanders at Wanderland Studios).

Nebularis release their debut single, "Cataclysm" on all platforms from 17th February.


Vocals: Hytham Martin
Guitars: Mo Sheerin
Drums: Damian Dziennik
Session Bass by Terry McHugh