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Wizards Of Hazards - Supernatural


WIZARDS OF HAZARDS is a heavy metal band from central Finland. Sharing the same interest in vintage instruments and heavy music composition, they produce their own music via an all-analog signal chain. Their musical influences stem primarily from his 70's and 80's heavy metal-focused analog era recordings, with lyrics inspired by past eras, the supernatural and ancient stories and beliefs.After decades of jamming and performing as a trio, they changed their form to a four-piece and changed their name to his WIZARDS OF HAZARDS. 

Debut album END OF TIME was released in 2020. The album consists of the fateful, heavily rippling songs from the band's early years, three of which were pre-released on his EP BLIND LEADS THE BLIND that same year. Both releases were made by him via Inverse. record. Recorded at his two sessions in January and June 2020 he used RTM SM900 magnetic tape and was recorded at Astia Studios in Lappeenranta, Finland under the wonderful guidance of analogue magician Anssi Kippo.

The BLACK WIZARD EP was released in December 2021 by Inverse Records and was a tribute to their roots with his EP bearing the band's previous name. These 3 songs are very old songs from the same session as all songs of the second album SUPERNATURAL performed at Astir Studio in November 2021. Unfortunately, most of the songs on the second full-length were written long ago, but the album's lyrics still apply today and are sadly true. The artwork on the cover features a stunning engraving by Vilde Hage Aune, and every song is magnetic in his WIZARDS OF HAZARDS stream of that fateful, riff-based vintage his sound, with the help of Mr. Kippo. Re-recorded to tape.