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Witchrot release their new single "Colder Hands"

WITCHROT is gearing up for their latest offering Witchrot: Live in the Hammer the single from the album, "Colder Hands." The video can be streamed now. All sleaze and psych, Live In The Hammer has the fuzz fueled quartet playing in the grease trap of Ontario. Smoky vocals overtop mesmeric psychedelic doom fill the room to the brim. Formed in Toronto in 2018, WITCHROT was founded by Lea Reto (vocals) & Peter Turik (Guitar). After some international press over band disputes, betrayals, and a temporary break up, the band recruited Lea’s boyfriend Nick Kervin (Drums) and Cam Alford (Bass). Together they recorded the band’s debut full-length Hollow (2021) and most recently Live In the Hammer. Currently, Nick “Nido” Dolphin has joined the band on bass. Building on the lost psychedelic masterpieces of the late '80s and '90s, volcanic fuzz and fantastical shoegaze music, WITCHROT has carved out a haunting and unique path. A wave of sacred music that swallows everything. Its speed and power are more terrifying than its cacophony. Simultaneously beautiful and putrid, Live In The Hammer pays homage to the grime of the past, paved over by the glitz of the present. Live In The Hammer was recorded at Boxcar Sound in Hamilton, and mastered by Tony Reed at Heavy Head Recording. The bubbling cauldron that is Live In the Hammer, serves as a bridge between Hollow and the band’s forthcoming next album, currently in the works. There’s no escaping the strange web of WITCHROT. Fall into the chasm and embrace the dark. WITCHROT is: Lea Reto - Vocals Peter Turik - Guitar Nick Kervin - Drums Nick “Nido” Dolphin - Bass